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Wellbeing is not fake news

Wellbeing is about the human factor of traveling and our BTW Day webinar highlighted this. Travellers will remember this time and the actions of their companies so it is key to focus on wellbeing, which will give travellers the confidence and comfort to travel again. 

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Who Are We?

Business travel used to be about the logistics of getting us from A to B.  Then it was all about transactions (e.g. Booking tools, expense tools, payment processes).  Now it is all about people.  And our mission is to help the people that really matter.  You.

How We Got Started

We are a community of like-minded people who want to change business travel for the better.

What Do You Mean People?

We mean anything to do with the "people" side of business travel.  Think mental health.  Physical health.  Jet-lag.  Sleep management. Recovery. Thriving and calm mind-sets. Cultural intelligence.